Power dynamics and anti-oppression within the space of the interview itself

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
2:00 - 3:15pm EST

There are 7 spots max. available for this PSN Video Chat. To participate, register via EventBrite using the button below. We ask participants to make a sliding scale donation of $3-$10 to reserve your spot. Groundswell members participate for free.  Click here to join Groundswell and get your PSN "promo" code.

Eventbrite - Anti-Oppression PSN Series Video Chat #5: Power dynamics and anti-oppression within the space of the interview itself

In this video chat we will:

  • Reflect on how the (real and/or perceived) identities of narrators and interviewers can impact and play out in the interview space.  How can interviewers bring an awareness of these potential dynamics into their interviewing practice?  

  • Explore how OH interviewers can offer narrators a safe space to define and interpret oppression in their daily life or in their activism.

  • Consider ways interviewers can tackle challenges in their interview design framework to allow narrators to share their stories about their lives on their own terms? (e.g. being conscious of how an interviewer's questions/approach shape and impact the flow and content of an interview, and possibly impinge on or impact the narrator's ability to tell their own story)

  • Examine the value of offering narrators the option of a shared, community-based approach to interviewing (such as story circles or other forms of group interviews). Can this method provide a chance for narrators and interviewers alike to analyse where issues surrounding oppression currently exist? Talk about how this can be used to find opportunity for further movement & community-building in the process.


  • Shane Bernardo, conduit for social change, Detroit Asian Youth Project, Earthworks Urban Farm

  • Cynthia Tobar, Archivist/Oral Historian, Bronx Community College