Dec. 2012: The Next Step

The Next Step: Promoting Social Justice and Solidarity through Oral History

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
1:00 – 2:15 pm Eastern

Amy Starecheski, Associate Director, Columbia University Oral History MA Program
Sara Jacobs, student at American University, project: L@s Desaparecid@s no desaparecen: testimonios de familias desgarradas

Oral History is a way to document and project underrepresented voices that are often excluded from the mainstream discourse. Many of these voices speak out in the interest of social justice and address some of the most important challenges we face. By providing unheard points of view and first-hand accounts, Oral History is a powerful tool that helps foster an understanding of issues in a radically different way. The question is: once we have collected oral testimonies, what are the best mechanisms to share them? How can we best use the stories we are told to advance social justice? What does solidarity look like? What are we asking of listeners when we share others’ stories? How can we make sure that we, as historians (or activists, artists, documentarians, etc.) are doing the most effective thing for the community we are involved with?

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