Propose a Topic!

Honoring the Story: Ethics, Integrity and Exploitation in Movement Oral History  ***  Grassroots Oral History as a Career?  ***  What Will We Make Together? Oral History in a World of Interactivity, Social Media & Collaboration  

These are a few of the topics from Groundswell’s 2012 round of Practitioner Support Network (PSN) video chats.  What do you want to discuss in 2013?

Propose a topic and help co-facilitate one of Groundswell’s Winter/Spring 2013 PSN chats!

Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, but we encourage you to send in your ideas by February 7th.

What is the PSN? Activists, organizers, cultural workers and oral historians who engage oral history as a method for movement-building and social change can confront challenging ethical and practical dilemmas in our work. The Practitioner Support Network (PSN) seeks to create a safe, informal space for practitioners to explore these challenges and get feedback and support from others who share similar values and commitments to a liberatory politics and praxis. Towards this end, Groundswell hosts and facilitates PSN video chats for small groups of practitioners (five to eight) focused on a particular theme, challenge or question related to the use of oral history for social justice. Each video chat is co-facilitated by a member of Groundswell’s PSN Working Group and another practitioner (usually the person who proposed the topic). Chats last for 75 minutes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: info [at]