September 2014 PSN: Letting go of the one-on-one interview?

Letting Go of the One-On-One Interview?

Monday, September 15th

1:00 - 2:15pm EST

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Eventbrite - PSN Video Chat: Letting go of the one-on-one interview?


  • Rebecca Lorins, Texas After Violence Project
  • Sarah K. Loose, Groundswell Co-Coordinator and Coordinator of the Rural Organizing Project's Roots & Wings Oral History Project 

Oral history is most often seen as a practice that takes place between one interviewer and one narrator, in an exchange that prioritizes an individual's personal story and experiences. What impact does this highly individual nature of oral history have in doing social movement and community-oriented oral history projects? Might it reinforce an overly-individualistic view of history and movements? When should we let go of the one-on-one interview?

In this chat, we'll explore the utility of formats other than the one-on-one interview for doing oral history. What is the value of group or collective interviewing, especially in cultures and groups where community and the collective are highly valued, or in applied oral history projects with clear organizing or community-building goals? What are the challenges of having multiple voices in an interview space and navigating those power dynamics? What skills are needed to facilitate group interviews - and how are these different from or the same as the skills for a one-on-one interview? Finally, what collective methods do (or could) communities/groups use to share and present their multi-vocal stories?