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How can intergenerational storytelling be used to build community?

Eventbrite - How can intergenerational storytelling be used to build community?

Dec 10, 2-3:15PM EST

An intergenerational framework in oral histories can be useful to both parties involved--the interviewer/youth can learn valuable lessons from the person being interviewed, while the interviewee/elder can find it very fulfilling to pass their stories down to the next generation. This can particularly be useful in activist groups to form bonds and build community that might otherwise be fractured by generational differences.

Facilitator Bios:
James Cersonsky is a labor organizer, student editor at the Nation, and founder of Student Community Action Tours. He’s interested in the challenges and possibilities for young people to take media into their own hands

Cindy Choung is an independent oral historian. Her project, Wild Women uses the personal stories of female wildlife conservationists to motivate young children to care about animals, the environment, and feminism, while showing them practical pathways towards pursuing careers in wildlife sciences. She is also a member of the Asian American Oral History Collective and the Columbia Oral History Alumni Association board.

Emmanuel Garcia is a journalist, community organizer and founder of Vives Q, an ongoing series that brings together LGBTQ people of color elders and youth for intergenerational dialogue and movement building. The program features live interviews with movement elders about their personal paths of politicization and how they got involved in movement work. Formerly, he led a social marketing campaign in Cicero, IL that addressed the issues of homophobia, transphobia, and HIV/AIDS stigma within the Latino community. In November 2015 Emmanuel will be inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame.

Who It's For:

  • activist groups already engaged in storytelling and narrative work
  • activist groups interested in using storytelling
  • individuals with experience in intergenerational storytelling
  • individuals or groups with plans to use intergenerational storytelling
Eventbrite - How can intergenerational storytelling be used to build community?