March 25 PSN: Storytelling and Fundraising

How can storytelling be intentionally and ethically used during the fundraising process?

This PSN explores the role of storytelling and listening for activists and organizers who are, want to be, or need to be involved in fundraising. The chat will examine the various roles narrative can play in working with individual donors, volunteers, boards, grants, and foundations -- as well as the ways utilizing storytelling might support, or perhaps undermine, the social justice work of our organizations.

Eventbrite - Storytelling and Fundraising
Photo by Philip Brewer)

Photo by Philip Brewer)

Topics of discussion might include (but are not limited to) thoughts on some of the following questions:

·       How can power structures influence storytelling and listening during the fundraising process?

·       Can shared authority be part of the stories we tell while fundraising? If so, how might this be encouraged/structured?

·       Who tells and listens to stories during the fundraising process, and how can stories be told intentionally? 

·       How might storytelling during fundraising best support the deep work of a social justice movement or the work of an organization?

Those who might be interested in participating:

Activists, organizers, and non-profit workers who interact with donors, volunteers, board members, foundations, or other granting agencies. Also, anyone who might be interested in, or will have to, take on such work, and oral historians who interact with activists and organizers who fundraise.

Kathryn Pope is a core faculty member in the Undergraduate Studies Department at Antioch University Los Angeles. For the past 11 years, Kathryn has served as the Program Director of Antioch University’s Bridge Program, which provides college classes (and up to 15 units of transferrable units) to adults in Los Angeles, at absolutely no cost to its students.

Cindy Choung is a freelance oral historian and the External Relations Manager at Chicken & Egg Pictures. As a storytelling/oral history professional, Cindy has worked with such institutions as the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the West Point Center for Oral History, and the Brooklyn Museum.

Eventbrite - Storytelling and Fundraising