Groundswell Seeks Recommendations for MixTape 2.0!

Groundswell: Oral History for Social Change is a network of oral historians, activists, cultural workers, community organizers, and documentary artists that use oral history to further movement building and transformative social change. 

We believe that oral history can be a source of power, knowledge and strength in our struggles for justice. Oral history provides a unique space for those most impacted by injustice to speak and be heard in our own voices. Groundswell's mission is to provide mutual support, training, and resources in the practice of applied, community-based oral history in order to build the creativity and power of social justice movements.

Groundswell is currently working on a new project called MixTape 2.0., an online resource that will profile projects that center oral history for social change. The first MixTape was launched in 2013, and compiled work that Groundswell members were conducting in the United States. It was a quick sampler designed to give a sense of the many different ways that practitioners were engaging oral history and narrative work in service of social justice. MixTape 2.0. will explore a smaller number of projects (at least initially), but with much more depth and detail, so that readers/listeners can learn from the projects’ successes and challenges, and hopefully apply some of those learnings and ideas to their own work.

Furthermore, MixTape 2.0. aims to gather work not just from Groundswell members but from anyone doing work with oral history to advance social justice. We are especially interested in work that is driven by and for people or communities of color. We are also interested in work happening outside the US and in languages other than English. 

What are some oral history projects around the world that have advanced social justice that you think the world should know about? 

Please submit your name, email address, information about the project you recommend, plus contact information for the project in the survey form below: