centering: bringing an anti-oppression lens to oral history work

centering is a free, online, interview-based resource guide
featuring stories of anti-oppression principles in action in oral history work

Our interview projects thrive when we openly share the lessons of anti-oppression analysis and organizing and center them in our work. Our projects grow when we commit to storytelling as a counter-power that sustains and creates communities in movement.

In a series of short and candid video/audio conversations, Groundswell members will share concrete examples of how anti-oppression values influence their interview projects, from project design to methods of consent to negotiating power and privilege within the interview space and beyond. Practitioners from diverse communities and backgrounds will share inspirational breakthroughs, pragmatic successes, go-to techniques, and humbling and teachable moments. 

We hope this guide will help you reflect on and deepen your own commitment to centering anti-oppression values and principles in your oral history practice. But we need your help to create it! 

Participate!  There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Share your story.  Do you work at the intersections of oral history and social justice? Choose someone who you feel comfortable talking to about your work. Using this handy how-to guide, have that person interview you about a moment in your oral history/storytelling work where anti-oppression ideals played a role in the choices you made or what you decided to do in the future.
  2. Support someone else in sharing their story. Who do you want to hear and learn from? Reach out to one (or more) of your oral history mentors, peers, comrades or coworkers and invite them to do a short interview with you for the project, using this how-to guide. Want to be an interviewer for the project but not sure who to interview? Contact us at: and we'll try to match you up with someone with an interesting story to share.
  3. Join the centering team. Help with the backend work to make this guide a relevant and useful resource. We need folks willing to help with outreach, light video/audio editing, creating interview summaries, etc. Contact us at: to join our team!

Questions?  Ideas?

centering: our stories, our experience, our wisdom