Most of Groundswell’s work happens through our Working Groups. Each Working Group has a "point person" responsible for convening and coordinating the group, as well as reporting back on the group's progress to Groundswell’s Core Working Group.  Anyone from the broader Groundswell network is welcome to join a Working Group or propose an idea for a new Working Group!  

Local Gatherings
To build local networks to support oral history work for social justice by bringing together current and potential network participants for a series of in-person workshops, skill shares, potlucks, and listening sessions in different regions of the country. Point Person: Sarah K. Loose,

Groundswell Cohorts
To bring together small groups of practitioners working on a similar issue area for peer exchange, collaborative work, joint funding opportunities, and technical assistance. Current cohorts: Oral History in Movements to End Police Brutality & Oral History for Housing Justice. Point Person: Amaka Okechukwu, 

Oral History & Anti-Oppression
To articulate ways that oral history can help challenge oppression, to develop a shared resource exploring what it means to apply anti-oppression principles to doing oral history work, and to intervene in the "Giving Voice" model. Point Person: Shane Bernardo,

Practitioner Support Network
To facilitate opportunities for peer learning, exchange and support among practitioners engaged in social justice oral history/storytelling work through our three PSN programs: PSN Video Chats, PSN Problem-Solvers, and PSN One-to-One. Point Person: Amy Starecheski,

Online Teaching & Learning
To pilot an online webinar/course on using oral history for movement building. Point Person: Alisa Del Tufo,

To organize Groundswell sessions and workshops for the 2016 Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Point Person: Amaka Okechukwu,