Sept. 2012: Housing is a Human Right

What Will We Make Together? 
Oral History in a world of Interactivity, Social Media & Collaboration

September 20th, 2012
1:00 – 2:00 Eastern

Featured Practitioners:  Housing is a Human Right Storytelling Project

In this call, we’ll hear from members of the Housing is a Human Right Storytelling Project about their use of oral history to connect diverse communities that are struggling for housing, land and the dignity of a place to call home. Together, we’ll talk about how the field of oral history is being influenced by the increasing shift towards interactivity, collaboration and the use of social media, and how this shift influences the products we produce.

We’ll talk about ways that Housing is a Human Right has used exhibitions and events in the real world (like a toll-free phone number, pop-up recording booths, etc.), as well as online platforms and social media, to engage a wider audience to participate in the project. We”ll also talk about how this has raised new questions for Housing is a Human Right, particularly around how to utilize and package all the additional content that is gathered.

Together, we’ll explore: What new products can be created from content that is gathered through these type of interactive or collaborative initiatives, or that is gathered online or across social media? How is it integrated into the life of the main oral history project? How does it shift the project itself?

To participate in the videoconference, sign-up here.